This site is dedicated exclusively to traditional German cakes called "Baumkuchen," a kind of layer cakes baked in round forms like wood stumps with an empty hollow in the center. The cakes are especially famous in Japan, more than in Germany today in where it has originated.

   There are many types of Baumkuchen in Japan; some are soft and silky like sponge cakes, and others are rich both in taste and texture. This Baumkuchen fever is so enormous that the long-built confectionery company Juchheim started annual exhibitions exclusively for the cakes which are found all over Japan in 2016.

   If you are interested in Japanese baking industries or selling those cakes in Japan, please contact me personally (, for this site is for communication in Japanese only.

   Also, when you need a translator for your bakery business websites into Japanese, check the sister site: also run by me. Thank you.

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